Monday, April 30, 2012

Z - Zabaglione

Do you have eggs, sugar, Marsala wine, a pinch of salt and some fresh berries?  If so then YOU could possibly be capable of making one of THE most fantabulous desserts ever to grace the taste buds of your tongue.

Make this! Now! It's low fat...I Promise...
It's so simple. I've always been curious to know if this was one of those dishes that came from a "Panic" state. Where the chef at the time had Nothing...and a certain someone super important, say the King of France, was coming for dinner...and Crap! There's a war on! Can't just go out to the local Whole Foods and get me some Tiramisu. Ooo! But I've got some giant ass eggs, a bunch of sugar, and more Marsala wine then God. Hmmmm.  Ambrosia was Created! You do need the berries though. It's kinda too much without the berries. Oh. And Champagne. I've found real Champagne actually does taste better with this. Not the Sparkling Wine. I have no idea why.

Could be that the first time I made Zabaglione was for a very crazy, full on, no -holds- barred wedding. For 300. I tried to talk them out of it because this is a dessert that has to be made on the fly. You *Can* have it cold...but they wanted it old school. (Of course). Warm. Fresh. "The way Gramma used to do it!" And when you're shelling out over $200,000 for your big day...who was I to say no. So the crew and I made Zabaglione for 300 crazy drunken French and Italian wedding revelers. Over a mix of fresh black berries, black raspberries, red raspberries, strawberries and brunoised kiwi fruit. Kill me. It was beautiful. And Hell.  But, they served it with Real Champagne. Which they also served to the kitchen staff. (These clients were not assholes :) And I'm telling you now. If you ever get the chance...This is one of the finer things in life.

Zabaglione. Warm over fresh, seasonal berries.  With a Real Champagne Kicker.


  1. This is a fabulous post. I need to gather the ingredients so I can make this.

  2. This is amazing post. I will try to make this..........

  3. I am definitely writing this down so i can make it this summer, sounds yummy.

  4. Mmm sounds yummy!
    Enjoyed reading theopening of The Key Collective
    Look forward to more from you.

  5. Hi Alicia. First of all, as one of the A to Z co-hosts, I'm sorry I never made it to your blog during the challenge. You've got a cool one, so I'm following now. Nice to meet you!

    Second, I came here because of your first page over on Dianne's (and Marcy's) blog. I really enjoyed your opening!

  6. Hi Alicia .. I've come over via Amanda from Drama, Dice and Damsons ... looking forward to more foodie and vino posts - loved the Zabaglione recipe - that stuff is delicious .. haven't made it in years, or had in years for that matter ..

    Cheers Hilary


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