Saturday, April 21, 2012

S - Short Stories

Once Upon A Time... This is how stories start still, right? I wonder how that started? Who wrote that first? Anyway! Once Upon A Time there was a girl..nah, I always write about girls! A Boy.Boys need their time to shine. A Dog. Nah. A DUCK! ooo! A Kangaroo robot from the planet Maboo!

Once Upon a time there was a boy who wanted to ...hmmm. What the hell did he want? Must have a plot. Why am I writing this story? I know what I want. I want a cup of coffee. Really good coffee with just a bit of sugar and cream in it.

Once Upon a time there was a boy whose dream in life was to open a coffee shop. Everyone laughed at him for this dream because when you live on the planet of Maboo the only type of liquid people drink comes from a plant found high in the mountains. Yeesh
That’s crap. probably should have stuck with the kangaroo robot. Would have made more sense. Sigh. Scrap that whole thing.
The fuel of fiction

Once Upon a time there was a prettyful princess! HA.
I think my problem is that I’m starting too typical.  Ah. Here we go.

“You take the rolling pin”
“I don’t want the rolling pin. I want the knife. I’m older. I should get the knife.” The two young girls stood over the kitchen clutter drawer glaring at each other.
Damn it. Girls again. Oh well. Where was I …. Glaring at each other....
“Fine. You take the knife, but you go first. Besides. You heard it first.”
“Fine.” With a twirl of defiance the smaller girl snatched the big cleaver out of the drawer. “you can explain to mom and dad why I’m dead on your watch.”
“Oh for...” The taller girl rolled her eyes and pushed roughly by the smaller blond to get to the foot of the stairs. Just then it came again, rolling slowly down the staircase, muffled and quiet like footsteps.. but no one was there. FwepFwep BAM
“Go ahead! I’m right behind you!” The blonde pushed the brunette roughly.
It was a tortuous journey. They knew where all the squeaky steps were, but it didn’t seem to matter. Every few minutes FwepFwepBAM! Like someone was dragging a dead foot down the steps and then dropping a rock. Every time it started, they froze. It sounded as though it was right next to them. Echoing off the walls.
Finally they reached the top of the stairs. Their parents bedroom.
“I’m telling you. There’s someone in here!” The blonde whispered frantically to the brunette.
Slowly they peeked up over the edge of the floor, trying to catch a glimpse of the intruder with the dead foot.
Suddenly, the blonde screamed at the top of her lungs, flung the knife with all her strength across the room, then ran blindly back down the staircase sobbing hysterically. The brunette, having heard nothing, stood up slowly and looked around the room. It was empty. Then it started again. FwepFwepBAM.
The window shade was getting blown out -FwepFwep- and then sucked into the window - BAM! over and over. Lying next to it on the floor was a hastily thrown cleaver.

Some days the ideas flow...some days I shouldn’t be allowed near a pen...


  1. I blogged about my love of stories today, too. "Did I ever tell you about the time..." My favorite words when I was a kid. Stories are the love of my life.

  2. thanks for sharing this S post!

    happy A to Z


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