Saturday, April 14, 2012

M - Motivation

Oh the Fame! The Glory! The Girls! wait...

What is your motivation to write? I can’t be sure, but the style I’ve chosen isn’t exactly “change the world” type stuff. I doubt I’ll be a feature on any Oprah Book Club lists (Thank God). I don’t think that the books that I publish will be anything that could be mistaken for High Literature. But that’s not why I write.

I write because I have to. The end result will never be The Reason.  Yes. I want my story to be enjoyable, read by millions and the books that crossed genres to open up a multitude of doors for new audiences and readers. But...I’d also be happy with simply finishing book one.
Not that this has anything to do with my post but HOW COOL!

Something else I’m curious about. How do you Get Motivated to write? What’s your 'Muse' so to speak? Do you need to have certain types of music playing? Does the mood just happen to strike you like a bolt of lightening? Do you have fancy crystals that you rub on your forehead whilst saying the Latin words for “May the Force Be With Me!” 7 times as you spin on your left foot in a counter-clockwise circle around the kitchen table? (That me..)

How do you get through the writer’s blocks? Knock on all that is good and holy, I suffer not from this horrible affliction. Yet.

My Motivation is purely selfish. I need to write. Therefore I do.

Am I any good at it?  Jury’s still out on that one. But hey, I can only improve.

P.S. when doing an image search for crystals for the pic for this post...I typed in Crystals into google...and "Crystals in Urine" came up! Is that a thing?! What is that? I ran away...


  1. My motivation? good question. I'm more concerned with my tendency for procrastination. But I'll get back to you on that...

  2. Dropping by courtesy of A-Z challenge and now following.

    Motivation for writing - I have it not (not a writer). Motivation for getting stuff on stage - love doing it and the really hard deadlines are a huge help. I can't procrastinate.


    1. ah yes. Deadlines. love those! They do help indeed!

      Thanks for the follow! I'll check you out :)

  3. Hi, I do a lot of thinking when not writing, while I'm doing dishes (yes, handwashing them), folding clothes (occasionally) quilting (on the sewing machine) I have made several over the past four months, and I write down ideas or thoughts that would make good subjects. Then when I sit down to compose, I just begin writing. The words come.... and they make me happy. It is easier to sit down to write if you let the ideas flow when you are doing other things. I hope this helps. Best regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy P.S. I am no expert... these ideas just work for me.


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