Monday, April 23, 2012

T - Taste

*commence rant*
Something I do not miss from my Cheffing days?
Special orders. Holy Crap. What the hell is up with people going to a fine dining restaurant, looking over the menu and saying to themselves. “Gee. It all looks so good! Except I’m really in the mood for just some steamed haddock and a couple of blanched carrots. You can do that right? You don’t mind?” Yes. Yes I do mind! 

Why did you come out to eat if you just wanted something so ridiculous? And I’m not just randomly choosing something as an example.  Nine times out of ten, a special order would be a piece of poached or steamed white fish with some sauteed veggies on the side. No starch please! Oh, and just a little bit of lemon if you could. ARGH. 

I just liked the design of this...Never eaten here.
How about this. How about you look at the menu. Go ahead. Look at it. I know you can read. Now. See all those things listed on it? Those are the choices! Choose one of those! These were put together after many hours of testing and research. They represent long nights spent after the restaurant closes trying to figure out new dishes that work well together. Foods that pair well with wines, that pair well with the appetizers, and the desserts. And in you come with your “simple little request”. It may seem like a minor little thing to you, and if I hear one more person spout off about the customer always being right I may lose it...But it’s not a minor little thing. And I’m not talking about food allergies, obviously that’s a different beast. This is just pure, in my opinion, ridiculousness. 

Who spends time choosing a restaurant for the food that they make...and then basically blows the whole restaurant's persona out of the water by telling the chef what and how to cook. It’s insulting. Don’t do it. I beg you. 
*end rant*


  1. who does special order? unless it's a special, regular customer, friendly with the chef? so presumptuous! get a caterer!

  2. I hate to go out with people who give special instructions to the waiter. I had a friend who always asked for dressing and sauce on the side, and I cut her some slack because she worked really hard to lose 75 pounds. That aside, when you have specific ways you want something cooked, stay home and cook it yourself.

  3. This makes me sad because like Janna's friend, I lost 50+ pounds and really need to watch what I eat. But I never thought about it from the chef's point of view.

    1. I understand sauce on the side was when people would just completely go "off menu". That would drive me crazy. :) Most "Decent" restaurants should have the ability to cook things in a low fat way, if they don't already! It just used to be frustrating when people would just make something up that wasn't even on the radar so to speak...
      Congrats on being diligent and losing the weight though! That's not easy!


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