Tuesday, April 24, 2012

V - Vino

Ah. Wine. The nectar of the gods.

I was going to write a post about what wines go with what foods...but that's really all a matter of taste. And far too pretentious. Bah.

Then I thought...I really want to write about my first experience with wine. Boring! Class in Culinary school. Yawn. It was really just "This is a red wine" *taste* "This is a white wine" *taste*. "Don't screw them up."

I think most people get their education about wine through just simply experiencing it. And there is simply no rule book that accounts for taste. You can enjoy a $2 bottle just as much as you can a $120 bottle.  In fact. When I had just graduated culinary school Bon Appetite did an article about Wine and wine tasting. They got 10 of the most renowned sommeliers in the country to do a blind taste test of something like 20 wines ranging from $5 to $150 a bottle. The results were kind of earth shattering. First off, some were having a hard time telling the difference between red and white. And then, across the board there was a bottle of 15$ Cote de Rhone that everyone absolutely LOVED. Above all else. Just goes to show. You never can judge by price.
I love stemless wineglasses even though they're kinda not 'right'

I love wine. The only thing I get snobby about is that it's not Merlot. Or White Zin. I've yet to have a good Merlot. White Zin is a candy wine only good to have with popcorn. (I'm not even kidding a little...try it...)  Other then that. I'll try anything once.

Corks Vs. Screw Caps? Meh. Screw Caps are gonna happen folks. They actually preserve the wine better then the cork used to. You get less 'corked' wine. So if you see the screw caps, it doesn't mean cheap wine anymore! Though I do miss using a corkscrew...something very satisfying about that whole ritual.

So just try wine. Don't be afraid. It's true what they say that wine can enhance the flavors of food. It's kind of amazing what happens when you find the right pairing. A great Zinfandel with just the right steak. A beautiful Viognier with an amazing bouillabaisse.

And hey, if you don't like it to drink it...you can always cook with it! Poach pears! Jellies and Jams! Pasta Sauce! The options are endless!

 Everyone should drink more wine...there would be less war.

**BTW...I have the first 400 of my WIP being critted over at Unicorn Bell today! Hop on over and check it out!**


  1. Wine--vices as well as benefits. Overindulgance causes bad behavior. Not everyone practices self-control. I love wine in coq-au-vin. Delicious.


  2. Although I don't drink wine, I love cooking with it. The wine gives food a savory flavor that's unsurpassed. Julia and I agree with this, and we both love butter, too! Just stopping by from the Challenge...

  3. I like the idea of wine but I drink the kind I like and brush off the notion that a particular kind goes with a particular type of food. Yes, I am a total idiot and/or redneck, LOL.

    Love your sub to UB. Maybe sometime we can have a talk about CP or Betas??!! I just want to read it :)

  4. Merlot has to be exactly the right temperature. Then it's velvety and delightful. I've only managed this once so I agree with you whole heartedly! I love White Zin.. on a hot summer's day preferably with a picnic at the side of (or on) a river. Candy wine - good description. What's wrong with candy? I just like wine that tastes nice for when I want to drink it.

    Great post and good luck with the last few A to Zs.

  5. I love wine, but it will be at least 6 months before I can enjoy it. There's a great column in McSweeney's called Stained Teeth, it's hilarious and takes all the pretension out of wine.


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