Thursday, April 5, 2012

F - Fromage

I know that I want my last meal on this great and Glorious earth to be a beautiful crusty sourdough French bread with a spicy hard Italian salami, the freshest fruit and berries available, and an assortment of beautiful cheeses from across the Globe.  My only problem is I have no idea Which cheese I want. There are so many that it makes it almost impossible to many cheeses! So little time!

Cheese! Glorious Cheese!

Growing up, cheese was cheddar or American, or, if we were lucky Swiss! It was a small, very rural town…and even now I know when my Dad tries to cook something "exotic" he has to special order some crazy ingredient…like Nori. Then I went to culinary school and Wonders on wonders! There are different types of Swiss? Holy crap! And different ages of cheddar! Bliss! Age crystals…find them. Eat them. You will love them. Especially in Gouda.

As for pairing wine and cheese? I find blue cheeses and champagne go very well together. Though really, what Doesn't go well with champagne? The older the cheese, hence the stronger…the milder the wine. 

But. Don't be afraid. It's all about the whole picture. Creamy cheese? Tart wine. Hard cheese? Buttery Wine.
Just like in Love. Opposites attract in Cheese and Wine.


  1. Thick slice of rustic whole grain, here, slathered in butter, with a large slab of pale aged cheddar sprinkled with cayenne, chased by copious glasses of a dry cabernet - the kind that puts fur on your tongue. Oh yes...

  2. I'll take that same last meal but lets add a nice French Sauvignon Blanc and perhaps a little chocolate mousse for dessert :)

  3. Now you have me thinking. If it was my last time to eat cheese, what kind would I choose? Hmmm....


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