Saturday, April 7, 2012

G - Genre

I’m curious. How did you pick the Genre in which you are writing? Or did it pick you? Which side of your brain makes this decision? The Creative side or the Logical side? Personally, I haven’t the foggiest. 

Do we as writers “write what we know”? And if so, how does that explain fantasy and science fiction? If we’re just writing what we know, IS it Fantasy and Science Fiction? Or is it just another version of a Truth, reworded for the general public to understand in a simpler manner so that when the machines Do take over we aren’t all that surprised?

    MAN I have to stop reading those science fiction novels.

   Right ...Genre. Focus.
This picture sparked the idea for the Control Room in my book
Personally, I tried several different ones before reaching the one I’m working in right now. First came Epic Historical (Think Ken Follett). Wow. Was that ever bad. Lots of hangings, women running away from priests, and horses getting stolen. Apparently that’s what happens in history. Then, I tried my hand at a mystery or two. Got very frustrated. Gave it up. May go back. Not sure. It’s a mystery. (HA!) 

Horror. This genre I liked, and in some respects am still working in. Though, I find Horror works best when blended with other Genres. Like Steampunk. The genre I’m working in now. It was somewhat of a revelation when I decided that my book would be Steampunk. There I was, all innocent, sitting there, trying to figure out HOW the hell I was going to get my MC from 2012 to 1922. And WHAM! H.G. Wells! The Time Machine! Oh so Victorian!

And there it was, staring me right in the face...and all the pieces that were missing tumbled like blocks.

Love it when a plan comes together ...and no blood is shed.  That I have to account for...

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