Saturday, March 31, 2012

Holes in my Head

Ever had a headache so glorious in its magnitude that you understand why they came up with this practice?

"The Extraction of the Stone of Madness"
I'm not entirely sure what the guy has the funnel on his head for, presumably to ward off alien invasion. Or why the GoodWife is practicing her posture at a time when her husband is having brain surgery in the middle of a field. Though I guess in those days bad posture was Rampant and you have to be Ever Vigilant! Me? I've had one of these beauts for the past week. Which always makes me a bit cynical when thinking about modern medicine. What do they Really know? They can't even figure out how to fix a migraine...Though to be fair, I don't get them Nearly as often as I used to. But one is enough. One is enough to make me sit staring at my husbands tool box, wondering what size drill bit would work best in these situations.

But it's better now! Now I'm up and the room is not spinning like a drunken whore..not that I really know how they spin...I'm just ...ANYWAY!

The A-Z Blog-fest approach-eth! Very Exciting! I've been reading quite a few blogs on how to 'survive' this monstrosity! Keep the posts short. Check. Turn off my word verification. Hmmm. Check, I think, I don't think I ever had it on. Someone tell me if it is? Cause I HATE that crap. I have such a hard time with those things.  Above all...Have Fun! Oh indeed! Champagne will be served!
I have a Theme and everything. I'm all prepared and crap! Yay me! Hopefully it'll work out. I thought I'd alternate every other letter Writing, Food. Starting with A - Anne McCaffrey. B - Banana's Foster and so on down the line. Brilliant! So far, I've keep the posts quite short and not up to my usual Wordy-ness! Ha! It's Killing Me! I'm considering this part of the challenge. Except for one. "K" day will be special. K- King, Stephen. Otherwise titled, "How I Killed my Writing Career Before it Even Got Started". This post will probably be a bit longer then the norm...but hopefully, amusing!

Ok. That's it for me. By the way. The number I am in the blog-fest keeps changing. I'm not entirely sure why...I'm thinking it's because people drop out. I was fairly certain I was #781. But my mind and numbers...yeesh. Remember those word problems back in school where you had to figure out how fast the train was moving and it all hinged on the color of Becky's shirt? I'm fairly certain those word problems are the root of my migraines.

Now. Where's the power drill?  Just the small one....


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