Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Right on the tip of my...umm...

Words. They are a bitch. Especially when they don't behave and they just float about out there in the..um..damn it. I just had that word. It was such a good word. Space? No. Not good enough. (Now half of you are yelling at your screens, horror movie style "The word is ____!" "No! Don't go into the shed Candy! ooooooo!") But it's gone.

 Now I sit and stare at my blinking cursor for the next twenty minutes in forced writers block trying to get by this damn word. Because even though there are great resources out there for Just this situation, NOW I can't even describe the word. Can't even come up with a definition. Other then Space. Which leads my brain to "Space! The Final Frontier...These are the Voyages..." Oooo. Star Trek. Wonder what Will Shatner has been up to lately, other then those silly commercials. I really miss Boston Legal.

So, generally when this happens, I get up and move about for about ten minutes. I try not to think about it at all. Try to get my sub-conscious mind working on it. You know. The mind that wakes you up at 3:27am with answers to questions that have been plaguing you all day? "Oh my God! Darth is Luke's Father!" So I do other things, walk the dogs, read something, anything...then come back to sit and stare at the vile, evil blinky thingy...maybe there are aliens in space that have lasers and they beam them to your brain and Take words out one by one. Or Maybe there's only so much room for Brilliance in my brain! I'll go with the second option.  It sounds less crazy...

And then, as I'm staring at the tv, watching a show. Probably Dexter. Or maybe Boardwalk Empire. And contemplating the existence of Aliens and why they've decided to park their massive electricity guzzling spaceship in the aether above...my...AETHER!  That's the word!  QUICK! Back to the book...

What the hell was I talking about?


  1. I usually go to Thesaurus.com and type in a word that is not the one I'm looking for. Then I look at the lists and click through to other words that aren't the right one -- until I see THE WORD -- or until I give up and re-write the whole dang sentence.

    1. It's funny..I always forget about the online Thesaurus. Great Idea! I've been known to Re-write. Avoidance! Ha! Hey...sometimes it works better...

  2. William Shatner is 81!!! I just heard him on npr with Terry Gross. I have a thesaurus 6 inches away. But it doesn't always help.


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