Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More! Bigger! Awesomest!

Are we excited yet? We've got two. Count em! Two! Really huge blog fests coming up. One in the next week hosted by Unicorn Bell. Sign up! Check it out! Competition man. It's the stuff of life. This one is fairly up front and simplistic. There are pictures offered as prompts. Write 1000 words using those pictures as prompts. Post your story on your blog during the dates of the Blog Hop, then people will vote on UB. The winner will receive Fabulous Prizes!

  And then we have the Hugely Ginormous Can't even put into WORDS how Big this one is...The A-Z Blogging Challenge.
I'm #781!
I am very excited and nervous about this one. The challenge of this fest is you write a blog post about the letter of the alphabet (A-Z) Once a day through the Month of April, excluding Sundays I believe. (Except were starting on April 1st...Note to self!) Ack! So! That's a Lot of Posting! Lots and Lots! So, while yes, I have been doing what I set out to do with this blog, which was write Every Day. (YAY ME...*dance*).  Quite a bit of the time it's on my WIP, or on Character Interviews, or working on plot development. I only post maybe twice a week. I tried to get 'ahead' and write some blogs in advance. (Being all smart and stuff.) I got to E. Oh well.  I still have a week left...yipes. *cracks wip* ...get it...ha!

I feel like I'm back in college and it's the week before my Senior Project was due for my Creative Writing Minor. This project was supposed to have been worked on all semester long and have consisted of 800 to 1000 pages of our writing. Not necessarily a full manuscript, could be chapters. Could be poetry. Could be Anything. I had been working a HUGE amount for the past month for the catering department (as that was my first love and really what I would rather have been doing at that point in my life!) Came down to the last week. And I had about 600 pages. Crap. It is not fun banging out 200 pages of Something when you are Not inspired. Mostly poetry. Truly awful poetry.

My teacher told me I should not write poetry.  Ha!


  1. I cannot wait to see your entry for the 1000 words blogfest. Oh, and I think the temp is about the same there as it is here!!!

    1. I can't wait to see what everyone is doing for the 1000 words! Though I may be spending some quality time at the Library...The internets has decided to not work at my house for the past 4 days! *STRESS*

      And FYI...it's raining now... :)


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