Friday, March 16, 2012

Smack me I'm Irish!


Wow! I almost missed it! How did that happen? Oh, life you sneaky bitch.

I absolutely LOVE Corned Beef! Does anyone know the origin of this tasty treat being the meal of choice for Irish families (and not so Irish families) on this most Green of Holiday's?  Yah. Me either. Google it on your own time. Pay attention to ME!

The Traditional Boiled Dinner was always one of 'Those' meals in Culinary School that could be counted on to Immediately spark a full on debate as to what the Traditional Meal actually included. Personally, I think it all had to do with what part of the country, and therefore what part of Ireland you (or your ancestors) had hailed from. But maybe I'm thinking way too hard about it.

A collection of Shillelagh 
For me, this most wonderful of comfort foods was simply a slab of corned beef, carrots, onions, potatoes, and cabbage. That's it. Simple. Wonderful and tasty. For the crazy Irish that needed a little somethin' somethin' in their Boiled dinner, their ancestors threw in a turnip or rutabaga. What! Blasphemers! Personally, I think it was these crazies that St. Patrick chased out of Ireland, not the snakes.


Not that there's anything wrong with turnip. On a normal day. With, you know, normal food. But it has no business with a boiled dinner.

Don't make me get my Shillelagh...


  1. I'm not sure if I ever had a boiled dinner - probably I was little and didn't like it; I was a picky little thing plus we're not Irish, we Scotch!

  2. It might be safe to try again as you live in New England...and 'Technically' it could be called a New England Boiled dinner. Though expect to have left-overs. With which to have corned beef hash! mmmmmm. Tasty with real maple syrup!


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