Sunday, April 8, 2012

H - Herbs

Welcome Back! A - Z Bloggers Unite! In continuing with my theme (every other post culinary / writing) Today we're on a Culinary Theme...enjoy and thank you for visiting!

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I have a secret. Lean closer and I'll tell you. Just a little closer. Now listen closely...I’m only saying this once, and I trust you won’t tell anyone...I totally SUCK at gardening. Flowers. Veggies. All the useful stuff that a chef should be growing in abundance. I see all these chefs that are doing the farm to table thing and all I can think is "Good God, Why?" There is So much (rewarding) work involved in cooking amazing food to begin with, why…WHY do you want to throw the ridiculous chore of gardening on top of that?  *shakes head*
However. I Do have the most incredible herb garden. Indeed. Tomato blight 4 years running. But herbs. Oh yes. I can grow sage so that it's knee high. Oregano? Two feet long! Thyme? No problem! Spreads like Mint! Oh and my Mint? Of which I have six varieties…(Get some chocolate mint and stick it in your Earl Gray tea…trust me)! Not that Mint is especially hard to grow, but my mint is Out Of Control! Waist High and the leaves get to be as big as my thumb!
Sage, Oregano, and Thyme in Early Summer.
My special project, though, is my Lavender. It started out as a pathetic one sprouted wizzely little thing that I got on sale at the farm stand. I picked it up and said, "Oh look! Charlie Brown Christmas Lavender!" It’s a good ingredient in chicken and stews and stuff. Not to mention headache pillows. Now? Two years later? I have to move some silly day lily things to make room for the lavender that is taking over that corner of my garden. Apparently it likes the abuse of never being watered.
Oh waiiiiiiiit.....
Maybe I should have watered the Tomatoes...  

Lavender after 2 Years


  1. Herbs is something I've never tried to grow. I loved having a garden for many years, canning the cucumbers and tomatoes for meals year round. Now I shake my head at all that work. Fun when you're younger and have helpful family members. Now, it's all I can do to keep from eating out every day! Theme: A World of Crime

  2. now that is a great idea for a little spot I've got, maybe I could even keep them all alive...


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