Friday, April 13, 2012

L - Lemon

The humble lemon. I say humble because it’s one of those fruits that I think people tend to take for granted. 

Lemons are used for just about everything. From household cleaners, to insect repellents, to skin whiteners. But I’m mostly concerned with its culinary honestly..that’s where it really shines. 

What can possibly be better on a hot, humid day then a tall, frosty glass of just -this-side-of-tart Lemonade with a splash of seltzer,or vodka, to give it a bit of fizz? Or roasting a whole chicken with a couple of mangled whole lemons shoved into the carcass? The scent of the lemon permeating throughout the meat, yet not overwhelming. I think it can be a tad overused in the fish there are many other wonderful flavors that go well with fish. Wasabi for example...
My preciousssssss

Anyway...lemon is also quite tricksy. We used it quite often if we had to peel huge amounts of potatoes or apples (or anything that would oxidize quickly)...just a few cut up lemons in the water bath, and voila! You had scads longer before you had to worry about your potatoes going brown. 

It’s the secret to a great hollandaise sauce. But, this can go very badly very fast. Too much lemon juice and you have a hot, curdled mess on your hands. Too little, and it just tastes like scrambled eggs. Handmade mayo? Same secret. Same balance.

So the next time you see a lemon, don’t just think, Ooo, Lemon water. Think of all the possibilities! 

Think of all the chicken butts you could shove it into for roasting!

***disclaimer*** I've managed to get a pretty interesting flu...making me glad I pre-wrote these posts...otherwise this may have been "Lemons...they're yellow. Pretty Tart. in stuff..." My brain isn't working. Hence the late post. Sorry folks!

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  1. I'm incredibly fond of lemonade. :)
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