Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Child in me

If you haven't noticed, I'm doing some blog fests. (Festivi? Festivals?) Which, as I'm a new blogger is good! Plus, as I'm trying to get back in the swing of writing, is good! Keeps me in shape, mentally. Good for the arthritis...Maybe not so good for the butt.

One of these fests I'm working on is a Thousand Word Short Story inspired by a picture. I won't tell you which picture I chose. And I won't even HINT the direction that my story took...bwahahah! I will say that once again, I'm over by about 50 words. Damnit. EDIT! Anyway...in doing research for this short story, I was looking up children's nursery rhymes. Mainly because there was one in the back of my head that was pinging me...just out of the corner of my eye. I could ALMOST remember it. Not quite. But nope. And after a good 45 minutes of Googling and wandering about the internets I have no CLUE what it was now. What I do know is that Wow. Nursery Rhymes are twisted. They're Awesome. I want a kid simply so I can scare the Hell out of them just before I send them to sleep at night. I mean honestly. This one:

The Spider and the Fly
"For the last time now I ask you, will you walk in, Mister Fly?"
"No! If I do, may I be shot, I'm off now, so good-bye, good-bye, good-bye.
"Then up he springs, but both his wings were in the web caught fast;
The Spider laugh'd, "Ah, ah, my boy, I have you safe at last. Will you, will you, will you walk OUT, pretty Fly? …" "Tell me, pray, how are you now?" says the Spider to the Fly,
"You fools will never wisdom get unless you dearly buy;' 

This is an old one..the Spider and The Fly, warning children against the evils of Pleasure. 

However...This next one, I was at a total Loss as to what the heck it could possibly be getting at, except that the author had a bad opium trip when he had a tooth removed...

Mother Tabbyskin

Pray, send for a doctor quick-any one will do.
Doctor Mouse came creeping, creeping to her bed, lanced her gums and felt her pulse, whispered she was dead. Very sly, very sly, 
the real old cat open kept her weather eye, mouse beware of that!
Old Mother Tabbyskins, saying "Serves him right!" 
gobbled up the doctor with infinite delight.
"Very fast, very fast, very pleasant, too. 
What a pity it can't last. Send another, do."
Doctor Dog comes running, just to see her begs. 
Round his neck a comforter, trousers on his legs.
Very grand, very grand golden headed cane swinging gaily from his hand,
mischief in his brain. 

The later stanza's get worse and more twisted the more opium the author takes...

Anyway...After getting thoroughly terrified, and thinking about how soft kids have it now with their 'Fluffy Bunny' Books. I decided that I would probably be better off writing my own Nursery Rhyme. 

Now. Where do I get opium? 


  1. those ARE creepy! And if you discover where to get opium let me know ;)

    1. Tell me about it...I don't know if it's the combination of the illustrations and the writing or what, but yeesh. Trippy!


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