Monday, February 13, 2012

Where it all began...


As this is my inaugural post, I thought how fitting that it should be about the origin of my writing dream. It's a simple story really. And one that's probably been told hundreds (if not millions) of times before.

I was just an innocent child. I swear. Going about my daily life. Running track. Hanging out with friends. Oh yah...I was a cool kid.  Yup.  Then, my English teacher in 6th grade gave us this crazy assignment. Write a story that incorporates all 5 senses.  Wait. What?  Impossible!  Can't be done! Oh the uproar of the class was deafening! Only a Weeeeek?  Groan!  But we have a track meet this weekend!  I have a thing...Mrs. B! C'Mon!

The week went by, and I wrote. First it was just a silly little poem (gak) about who remembers what. But that didn't seem to feel right. Discard.  Then it was something to do with making cakes. (I had a small cake thing in my youth where I made cakes for people and decorated them all fancy-schmancy) Then, I started writing this story about a fictional ritual.  And all the things you experience with it.  ie the five senses. It wasn't easy. I remember sound especially gave me fits. I must have rewritten that ending, man, half a dozen times.

But, something clicked. Something about the challenge of making the story work.  Making the words flow.  Making the reader see, feel, hear what I wanted them to. I suppose it's a bit god-like. But then, it's also the pure enjoyment of getting the story out there.  Good or bad.

I still have that first story.  I've used it countless times, re-edited the thing countless times.  I turned it in for a college class and got an A. 


  1. How cool is it that the inaugral post of your blog is for the ORIGIN's blogfest? Totally cool! Thank you for sharing your story with us, especially on this day! :)

    1. Thanks!I really enjoyed taking part in the blogfest! What a great idea! I'm also going to be taking part in the A-Z challenge in April. As I'm new to blogging, however, still haven't figured out how to put a link on the sidebar...gah.

  2. Wonderful that your first post also happens to be about your writing origins. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging ;)

    your newest follower,

  3. It's cool what you can do when you persevere.

  4. It's great to have people around who encourage and inspire!


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