Monday, September 3, 2012

And the Verdict is...

For those of you who hang on my every word and whim...

No. I didn't make it into the Anthology.


BUT! I DID get my very first Rejection E-mail! Sweeeeet!

And! It said some pretty interesting things about my story. Such as the fact that the editor thought that my story was "enjoyable" and had "very strong characters".  So that was good!

From what I understand they had a huge number of submissions for this anthology, and the competition was fierce. I'm very happy knowing that I write strong characters and enjoyable stories.


To make them Longer. Stronger. and Less able to Resist...

(That sounded way less dirty in my head...)

PS!  Everyone should go to White Cat Publications and check out their website. It's got loads of stuff! I was trying to get into the Airships & Automatons book... There is something for everyone there!

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  1. Sorry about your rejection :( is the first step toward publication :)


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