Saturday, September 15, 2012

Daisy Chains

Thank you Marcy for the award! Sounds like a fun one too. All I have to do is list 7 interesting, weird facts about myself...and off we go!

1. I was invited to try out for the Olympic track team.

2. I (stupidly) turned down the opportunity to cook for Dave Matthew's Band thinking I wasn't 'ready' yet.

3. I love quilting, but don't do well with math.

4. I once spilled a cambro of cold coffee on Itzhak Perlman. 

5. I'm not a big fan of baked things like cake, but I love sour candy.

6. I could eat my weight in Bing Cherries. Seriously. I cannot stop.

7. I have an essay buried in a time capsule at the Blaine House in Augusta, Maine. I can't remember when it's going to be dug up.

Now I need to tag three people!

Three blogs I really enjoy, so I hope you do too!



  1. Bing cherries, eh? I don't even know what they are!

    1. They're the really awesome dark red/black ones that come out mid/late June. Soooooooooooo good.


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