Thursday, August 30, 2012

Writers and Superstitions

As the  anticipated day approcheth I was writers, of which I am a fairly novice newbee one, have superstitious rituals they go through? Things that they feel might possibly give their story that certain...edge...over another story.

I don't know. I'm fairly sure writers, as a whole, are creatures of habit. We like to write at specific times. Be it morning, or night. Preferably all day if you are (luckily) able to! We like to have our writing "areas" set up in specific ways. The dictionary here, the pens there, twizzlers piled up there.

But Superstitious? Do we have little shrines set up in a corner of our desks where we burn a bit of incense every time we hit 'send'?  Do we cross ourselves three times and run around the room clockwise, naked, chanting in tongues?

Or is the obsessive checking of our e-mail. "If I only check it THREE times a day...and he hasn't replied by Thursday by Noon, NO, by FOUR...that's a good sign!" Is this our own brand of superstition?

I'm crossing into the "Zen" stage of waiting. I'm lucky though. I know the end date. And I know that either way, ToC or not, I will get a response. And, honestly, if I don't make it's been such an interesting experience, I can't wait to find another "Call to Arms"!

Not to say I didn't make the proper sacrifices to the four elements....


  1. I actually have zero rituals when it comes to submitting. Once I send it, it's gone and I don't think much about it. I used to. But, having done this a few times I've learned to occupy myself, write something else, edit, read, whatever. I do however check my email way too much.

    1. That's what I mean THAT your ritual. Checking your email, obsessively. Do you start to make "deals" with yourself? Like "I'll only check it FIVE times today!" or things like that? It's curious to me that writers are willing to send out whole parts of their souls to the aether and just...doot de doo...Ah well! Whatever will be will be! You know? Athletes and actors are FAR less forgiving...

  2. Cough, cough, squirm, cough ...

    I *might* admit to consulting a feng shui book about where to light candles in my house when seeking creativity, prosperity, fame, or the good will of others.

    1. I have a client who is VERY into feng shui. I had apparently, quite by accident, set up both my office and my massage studio in the most optimum way for prosperity, success and creativity. I found that interesting. The color of my office was a bit off she said...but that's easily fixed. :)


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