Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Up Next

So I just conditioned my hair with my leg shaving creme.

In my defense, I'm totally blind without my glasses on and they come in similar containers. They don't however smell anything alike...which is when I caught on. We'll see how it goes! Maybe I'm on to something!

But what I really wanted to talk about is the fact that Next week I'm going to be over at Unicorn Bell all week! Following in the considerable footsteps of L. Blakenship from Notes from the Jovian frontier. Yikes!

I'll be posting on Character. From the simple things like naming them (which may not really be that simple!) to the more in-depth stuff like getting inside their heads.

And even bigger news! My birthday falls on that week so I'll be declaring that day a national holiday! Make sure to check in to see what fun project I have planned for that day!

Hopefully I'll see you all there!


  1. I once sprayed my hair with Lysol because somebody put the Lysol can away under the sink in the spot where I usually keep a can of hair spray. And yeah, the smell gave it away at once!

    1. That's awesome. At least you were VERY Clean all day! :)

  2. That's why I love my contact lenses--I can shower in them.

    Tips for naming characters? I have so much trouble with that.

    1. Yah. Sometimes I remember to put my contacts in before the shower. Morning is NOT my best time of day!

      And yes! There will be ideas on where to find, and how to name characters. Not and easy task indeed.

  3. Haha awww. Actually, if you shave your legs using conditioner instead of shaving cream, it makes them very soft and smooth. So maybe those two products are destined to be switched? :D

  4. looking forward to your guest posts.

  5. oh that's great, you might have stumbled on a new secret!!


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