Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ahh Spring

In Maine this means several things all at once.

Mud. Mud comes to mind immediately. Black flies. Mosquitoes...

But for me...The Farm Stand is open! Thank what ever freaking deity you may hold holy!

Or sauteed. Or grilled. Or baked. Tasty goodness!
Don't get me wrong. I love Winter Squash and baked potatoes. Hell. I grew up in The County of Maine. I think they'd probably 'disappear' me quietly if I stopped eating potatoes. But a girl can only take so much. I need the fresh, warmed by the sun veggies. Granted, the pickings are slim right now. But I don't really care! Salad is back on the menu! With Fiddleheads! Steamed to perfection then just a dash of freshly ground pepper, kosher salt and a bit of cider vinegar.

Oh. And another thing that I'm very super excited about. The Winery's are opening! Sweet. Around here there is an abundance of local winery's. Some good, some great, some...lets call them young. Two of my absolute favorites are The Cellardoor. Beautiful place in Lincolnville, ME. Looks very much like Italy. And their wines are done quite well. They have a white called Perfect Stranger that goes with absolutely everything. Meats, fish, desserts, breakfast. Turkey. It's amazing.

The other place, opening on Mother's Day...very Sweetgrass Farm Winery and Distillery. This one I'm more excited for their Distillery then their Winery, to be honest. Their Three Crow Rum is amazing. It tastes like melted, toasted brown sugar. The Peach Smash is a perfect end to a summer's evening. And I cannot say enough about the Back River Gin. Stellar. They even make their own bitters! Just incredible.

Go. Taste. You will wonder why you haven't before! Bring your student driver with you to drive you around...


  1. I can taste that rum from here.

    1. It's the first rum that I was ok drinking straight...maybe with an ice cube. It's that good.

  2. Mmm you're making me hungry! I'd like to spend my afternoon in the winery :D

    1. The Cellardoor is Amazing...if you ever get to Maine :) It's simple to spend an afternoon there. They let people go out in the vineyard with picnic lunches. It's awesome.

  3. Alicia-I wanted to thank you for your crit. of my 1st page (Lovesense) on Marcy's blog, Mainewords. I've been trying to figure out my new opening (since the cheeese one isn't working *sigh*)got my mind spinning.



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