Saturday, May 12, 2012

Stuff and Things

So technology.

Good lord. As a writer don't you just want to have it all just be ok? Don't you want to simply just push a button and have your e-mail open. Don't you want to be able to type your document and then hit save? (Or in my case, because I'm sane and DON'T use Word...Just put it on the Cloud). And that's it. That't all. Go about your everyday life...maybe blog a bit, read a book, work at your job, call a few people...pat your dog, feed your know. Life.

It's craziness now. Craziness.

Platform Building. Something I'm just now starting to touch my big toe into the lukewarm waters of. It's a massively overwhelming place. First off, seriously, who in all honesty has the freaking TIME?

They're all crazy...
I have been adamant in my total refusal to get on twitter. The twitter world to me, looks like the cyborgs are truly taking over and are speaking directly through the computer screens, what with all the # and@ and !# and who knows what all. Either that or everyone on Twitter is Really Angry all the time. I understand that I just simply don't "speak twitter" yet, but's just ridiculous. And I do understand, at some point, this will have to change. Maybe not today...maybe not tomorrow. But soon. (heheh)

I have a Facebook account. But I'll have to get an author one. And then somehow manage two! Actually, THREE (as I have one for my personal business as well.) Oi. *Note to self: hire minion to manage facebook accounts and say clever and wondrous things about me. Must be willing to take payment in form of garden herb such as mint.*
Wait...what's this logo for?

Tumbler? Pintrest? Sigh. Honestly. Right now. I'm still trying to figure out how to get my phone to load the pictures it has onto my chromebook I just got because my other computer just shit the bed. Tricksey. Though, the only tricksey thing I've encountered about this computer thus far.

I have a goodreads account. Never go on there. Don't have time. Really. Just. Don't. Have. Time. I would rather be married, thank you, then spend half an hour trolling about gr doing god knows what there. What are you supposed to DO on gr? Other then put your books in that you've read. Good lord that could take DAYS!

And Blogging. I love it. I'm Finding that I'm not as consistent as I'd like to BE with it...but hey! I'm new! I'm learning the ropes. A - Z taught me a ton. I had no trouble keeping up with the posts. But then I got the plague and couldn't reply or visit as much as I wanted to. And when I stopped visiting, I noticed that people stopped visiting me. Hmmm. Coincidence? I think maybe not. Oh well. Ya live and learn! I enjoyed the A-Z. Not sure I'll do it again as my WIP suffered a huge deal.

Bad ass Blogger!
And my final STUFF...and it's a biggie...I was gonna sit on it, but this post is long and rambly and if you've made it through this far..well... NEWS!

I am now a Moderator over at Unicorn Bell! Very Exciting! I'm thrilled! *happy dance*
So go over there and check out what we're all about. It's a great place!

(Wow...whiny post...I blame it on my sunburn and overload of fresh air.)


  1. I don't understand any of that stuff either.



    1. Oh good :) I'm not all alone! Thanks for listening to my rant..!

  2. Twitter can be fun, once you follow enough people. But you have to be in the mood for it, and frankly I've been too busy to play with it recently. I expect I'll hang out there a bit more in the summer. HOWEVER, some important things have happened to me through Twitter ... such as seeing a mention of a big YA Book event local to me and um, seeing somebody tweet about a certain agent, which led to me looking her up, querying her, and eventually signing with her. For that alone, Twitter was worth the hassle of learning it! :D

    1. Darn it all to heck! Now I really have to do twitter :P

      Seriously though, is there somewhere I can go to learn 'Twitter Speak'?

  3. Congratulations on joining the Unicorn Bell team!
    I blog mostly, plus Twitter and Goodreads, but that is just about it. Any more and I would confuse myself.

    1. Thanks Alex! I'm really excited! I'm going to do a much better post announcing this news in the near future. Hopefully get some people to go over there and check us out. :)

  4. I laughed the entire way through your post. It's like you read my mind. Can't stand twitter.

    1. I CAN read your mind.... :P hehehe Thanks! Glad you got a laugh! Cause that's what we all need!

  5. Great post. I ran across your blog a few times over the last few days, so I thought I'd stop in to check it out. I'm a new follower. :) Congrats on being a moderator.

    1. Thanks for the support Ciara! I'm trying to get around to everyone that joined me through A-Z over the next few days...I'll make sure to check you out! Hope to see you over at UB!


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